This Musico-Poetic Emporium is intended as an introduction to the musical and literary work of David Lewiston Sharpe. His output includes over seventy musical works, and four books of poems: samples are presented here at the Musico-Poetic Emporium to preface an aesthetic that aims to transcend utterance with a unified poetics of memory and sensation.

David Lewiston Sharpe

David Lewiston Sharpe

THE MUSIC of David Lewiston Sharpe utilises a lyrical idiom, and is often driven by a simple objective of expressing how it feels to remember. This objective can naturally be sought through an infinite range of approaches – via form, melodic and harmonic activity and contour, instrumental colour and, not least, the linguistic nature (in its broadest sense) of most human expressive interaction. Music is, as Mendelssohn suggested, the most ‘precise’ means of expression.

THE POETRY of the four books issued so far of David Lewiston Sharpe’s literary work are driven similarly by the contemplation of memory. That is to say not the contemplation of memories; but rather the investigation of the preservation of thought through alighting on the natural rhythms of the mind (perhaps even the psyche), and the tidal dualities of consciousness. Much poetry is autobiographical, and the poetic work to which attention is brought here often draws on the personal. But the glance of this poetry also attempts to glimpse a broader view of something common to all, but perhaps elusive through its commonality.