Reviews & Responses

Some comments, reactions and reviews of music by David Lewiston Sharpe:

“Very lovely music… a life experience”
– Arvo Pärt, composer

“Fantastic… brilliant orchestration… really passionate music”
– Paul Patterson, composer
formerly Manson Professor of Composition, Royal Academy of Music

“A very skilled composer”
– Martyn Brabbins, conductor
BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra/
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Flanders

“Intended as a religious piece, this song without words features a mysterious,
harmonically ambiguous theme which returns in transposition throughout.
Sharpe favors dense textures and beguiling melodic material.”

Bass World magazine (Spring, 2002)

“David Lewiston Sharpe’s piano concerto, performed by the Royal Phil last
October and conducted by Nicholas Cleobury was fantastic and one piece I had
to share with my listeners.”
– Lisa Duncombe, Classic FM

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